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Williamtown Aerospace Centre

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Located adjacent to RAAF Base Williamtown, the Williamtown Aerospace Centre (WAC) includes the Newcastle Airport Precinct and 120 hectares of industrial land.
Already a major economic driver for the region, WAC has the potential to position the Hunter as a major national and even international centre for the aerospace and aviation industry.
WAC is currently undergoing major activity including a number of new tenants, a major hotel and further expansion of the Newcastle Airport. It provides first class facilities, tow-away access and a variety of infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of individual organisations of any size or requirement.
WAC will also facilitate the expansion of RAAF Base Williamtowns capability to meet the changing requirements of the RAAF and its Defence contractors throughout this century. All lots in the new commercial precinct have Defence secure IT networks to meet the modern requirements of aerospace, aviation and related industry companies.
The employment capacity if the WAC site is projected as more than 9,000 and the potential income effect is estimated to be around $250 million.
The following pages provide a brief snapshot of some of the current activity at WAC. Further updates of individual projects will be included in coming issues of HBR.
Williamtown Aerospace Centre is a major economic driver for the Hunter