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Walking tours provide a glimpse into Newcastle’s past

Visitors to Newcastle and locals are now able to take a trip down memory lane or discover some of the city’s history on three new self-guided walking tours that have been developed by The City of Newcastle. 
They showcase some of Newcastle’s lesser known but most fascinating treasures, the walks are not difficult so as to be accessible to as many people as possible and can be completed in under three hours. They include:
The Artists' City - Newcastle has nurtured, supported and inspired generations of artists. Explore the city through their eyes, visit the galleries that have displayed and celebrated their work, andview examples of the extraordinary public art that populates our landscape.
Convict and Industry - Much of the modern Newcastle landscape has been shaped by the hands of convicts and industry. This walk explores the city's early years as a convict settlement as well as its economic dependence on coal and steel.
Newcastle at War - Explore the conflicts that shaped our landscape and character and meet locals who left Newcastle to participate in some of the most devastating wars in history.
Downloadable tour brochures and maps are available online at