Think HBR



Mobito is a mobile platform designed by medical specialists for medical specialists. Self-proclaimed to challenge outdated methods of clinical management, Mobito has developed several products to improve the efficiency of public and private hospital operations.
CoverMe Medical is one of their products, pitched to sharks Naomi Simson and Dr Glen Richards at the Newcastle Business Club recently. CoverMe allows specialists to seek work in specific regions. It also provides specialists a platform to find colleagues who can cover shifts and assist where needed to cover theatre and medical lists. Simple, efficient, effective and secure, the site also offers a place for medical contact lists.

Corridor Insights

Nick Smith is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who has developed a platform that offers automate big-data capture and insights to road and rail corridors. Nick pitched the Corridor Insights concept at the HRF Centre’s Innovation Breakfast in May. The system offers comprehensive monitoring for a range of applications using laser scanning, high-resolution imagery to create virtual representations of valuable corridor assets.
“Traditional laser scanning technology is prohibitively expensive and our system is exactly the opposite,” Nick said. “We can permanently install it into any vehicle, then set and forget it as it continuously scans the environment for a fraction of the usual scanning cost per linear kilometre captured.”
The SmartCorridor technology uses artificial intelligence to streamline corridor data capture, visualisation and management, therefore making it easy to remotely manage, inspect and identify critical corridor-based infrastructure.