Over two decades of operation under Councils

Williamtown Civil Airport began in 1947, when the Commonwealth Government agreed to allow civilian flight operations at the Royal Australian Air Force Base, Williamtown.
The Commonwealth Government continued to run the airport until 1990 when Newcastle City Council and Port Stephens Council accepted an invitation by the Governmen tto jointly operate the civil area at RAAF Williamtown. The two Councils accepted full responsibility for operating, maintaining and developing what was to become Newcastle Airport. As a consequence, Newcastle Airport Limited, a company limited by guarantee, was formed on 25 May 1993 by the two Councils and a 30-year lease was signed with the Commonwealth Government for 28 hectares including the site of the terminal and land for commercial development. In  2005 the lease was extended until 2045.
The two councils are very pleased with the continued growth of Newcastle Airport and the major economic contribution it provides to the region.
Port Stephens Council said that “The recent expansion of the airport terminal is a major economic asset to the Port Stephens and Hunter region with the provision of extra domestic flights, more retail space, and permanent customs, immigration and quarantine areas. A significant economic driver in terms of business activity, tourism, and future development, this expansion paves the way for the possibility of international services to meet growing demand for services to New Zealand and South East Asia opening up access to markets and placing the region on a global playing field. “