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NSW Government rebates for saving energy

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All NSW businesses can receive rebates for upgrading equipment to more energy efficient options. Upgrades such as switch lighting to LEDs can help your organisation become more profitable by improving your energy efficiency and reduce your operating costs.
The NSW Government’s Energy Saving Scheme allows businesses conducting an energy saving activity to generate certificates, called Energy Saving Certificates (ESC, pronounced Eskys). The ESCs reduce the capex needed for the upgrade and increases the return on investment. ESCs can only be generated by Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP).
ESCs are tradable hence their value and the size of the rebate are market driven. The good news for business is that their value have increased by over 300% in the last 12 months, which means now is the time to consider energy efficiency project in your business.
The scheme gives rebates for all types of energy saving with the most common being lighting upgrades. Advancements in lighting technology such as LEDs as well as reduction in their cost has led to paybacks in many cases under 12 months.
Old Light Old Wattage New LED Wattage Savings
Hi Bay Metal Halide 400 120 70%
Down Lights 50 12 76%

Shop Lighters
Metal Halide

70 38 46%

(T8 twin tube)

72 40 44%
 Table: typical lighting upgrades and savings
Australian Energy Consultants is currently working with HunterNet to help local business take advantage of these rebates.
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