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Newcastle business launches its first, next generation, storage and sub culture hub

6 Milford St Interior Tenant R3

A new concept in storage facilities is coming to Newcastle with the launch of The Bolthole - Islington.

The two respected Newcastle property developers behind the new business venture are on a mission to convert under-utilised urban industrial facilities into luxurious sub culture hotspots to meet the needs of local residents and business owners.

Julian Morton and Dave Hughes are planning to open their first Bolthole on a 2,000 sq metre site in Milford Street Islington. A Development Application has been lodged with City of Newcastle to convert an existing mixed use industrial facility.

Mr Morton said The Bolthole concept has been eight years in the planning. He said the rapid gentrification and apartment living revolution in the inner city has created a need for such spaces. Pre-existing zoning presents an opportunity to maximise infill development sites.

“The Bolthole is designed for enthusiasts whose businesses or their valuable or sentimental objects, projects or passions have outgrown conventional spaces or can’t be accommodated in their downsized living environment,” Mr Morton said.

“It is also about creating a space that supports people’s business and lifestyle interests as well as creating a community for like-minded people,” he said.

The Bolthole - Islington will boast communal spaces including a 400 sq metre rooftop lounge, complete with sauna, ice bath, bathrooms, library, BBQ, kitchen and sundeck. In a first for such facilities in Newcastle, there will be a vehicle detailing and wash bay as well as a multi storey, access controlled, car lift allowing people to drive up and into their units. An online concierge style service will allow owners and tenants to book the lounge, professional cleaning services, catering and more at the click of a button.

“We want to create spaces, and curate communities, where passions can be shared.

“In The Bolthole, you can spend your time doing whatever your interests or passions are in line with the facility’s zoned permissible uses.

“Whether that’s collecting classic cars, art, whiskey or wine, recording music or podcasts, sensitive document storage or personal and business development – people are limited only by their imagination.”

People will purchase rather than lease the units. The size of the units will be customised to buyers’ needs. Mr Morton expects to attract interest from people, that have big, busy, exciting lives and fascinating personalities to match.

“Bolters will be work hard, play harder people that are passionate about their families, business and communities and know how to prioritise the balance in their lives.”

Knowing bolters will value privacy, and security, Mr Morton said the facility will have a highly secure personalised security system to protect owners and tenants most treasured possessions and respect their privacy.

Subject to Council approval, he is looking to commence construction by early 2024.

Confident that demand for the units will be strong, Mr Morton and Mr Hughes are already planning a second Newcastle facility. They are also looking to take the business to other markets such as the Queensland’s Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and to New Zealand.