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Local workplace heroes recognised

Kay Chapman CEO Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter (centre), pictured with 2013 winners Erin Marney, Hunter Business Chamber and Rodney Cade, Hunter Water Corporation.
Workplace stress can have a devastating impact on relationships, families, friendships, workplaces and communities.
Short term stress is OK, but longer term stress has been linked to chronic physical and mental health issues. In 2010 Lifeline conducted a National poll which found 43% of respondents were suffering from unhealthy stress levels with work cited as the main cause.
Concerned with unhealthy stress levels, particularly in local workplaces, Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter created the Workplace Lifesaver Award.
This award gives local businesses, large or small, the opportunity to recognise employees or colleagues who go above and beyond to improve staff morale, and create a stress-free, productive work environment, people who, in their own way, make a significant contribution to the mental health and well-being of work colleagues.
Since 2007 Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter had been promoting Men’s Health awareness through an annual luncheon, and following the national survey on workplace stress, this evolved into the Workplace Lifesaver Award in 2010 and has been an annual event ever since.
As well as celebrating local heroes and promoting exceptional mental health practices in the workplace these luncheons raise vital funds. Past guest speakers at the event have been Business and Life Coach Peter Bliss, Australian Coal Association CEO Dr Nikki Williams, Red Bull Air Race Champion Pilot Matt Hall and Medical columnist and TV/Radio Personality Dr John D’Arcy.
In 2013 there were two recipients of the Workplace Lifesaver Award, Erin Marney from the Hunter Business Chamber, and Rodney Cade from Hunter Water Corporation. They were honoured for their efforts in cultivating a harmonious, productive, and caring work environment in their respective workplaces.
ResCo Services, a major sponsor of the awards, and Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter have also joined forces to target suicide prevention in the mining industry with the ’Mind Your Mates Toolbox talks’ delivered to businesses where participants learn to recognise the signs of depression and suicide in workmates, how to approach the topic and what to do if their suspicions are confirmed.
The Lifesaver Award is held mid-year; if your business is interested in nominating someone you can contact Lifeline Newcastle & Hunter on 4940 2000 for details.