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Infinity Financial Advisors doubles in size after only two years in business

After only two short years in business, Infinity Financial Advisors recently combined forces with Allegiance Financial Planning and Hamilton Insurance & Investment Services (HIIS) to double in size and form an even stronger financial advisory firm for their clients. Individually the three teams have achieved outstanding goals and together they look to build on these goals by focusing on their complementary strengths of financial planning and investment expertise.
Mr. Masson says it was pertinent when looking for the right partners to join forces with, that they put their client’s best interest above all else. Mr. Masson said he knows what a mismatch can look like and the significant impact an unsuccessful merger can have on clients. He believes with Allegiance and HIIS, they have found perfect synergy and he is looking forward to their new team’s future.
Andrew says, “this announcement is a result of the hard work of our people, who make our teams what they are today and raise the bar for what we can do for our clients tomorrow.”