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Celebrate innovation, communication and all things technology at the SingularityU Australia Summit

Christina Gerakiteys, Lisa Andrews & Dr Jordan Nguyen
How can we overcome the world's greatest challenges and create positive social change simultaneously? Technology!
Technology is advancing faster than ever before, in ways that were once thought impossible. SingularityU is here to celebrate this revolution. The SingularityU Summit is coming to Australia this October to educate, empower and excite individuals and organisations on breakthrough technologies which are transforming human life.
SingularityU focuses on technologies that improve our lives in universal areas of education, health, environment, security, energy, prosperity, governance, food, water and employment.
The summit aims to create a space where individuals can learn, create and become connected through exponential technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT and sensory biology.
Singularity University was founded in the US in 2008 by entrepreneurs Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis. The pair’s mission was to teach society how to use technology to tackle the world's greatest challenges. They established a fast growing, international community of entrepreneurs, businesses, not-for-profits, investors and institutions offering courses, summits and a variety of programs.
The vision of Singularity University has been brought to Australia by two powerhouse Novocastrian women, Christina Gerakiteys and Lisa Andrews after witnessing how powerful the movement has been internationally. The dynamic duo have a shared passion for creating sustainable, positive global change by utilising technology and as a result of their ongoing efforts have been named faculty members for SingulairtyU. This venture has also led Australia to become a country partner of Singularity University.
“Lisa and I are incredibly excited to be launching this initiative in Australia. We believe that technology has the ability to build a better future for everyone. As a society we are mostly unaware of how to control and employ these innovations so our aim is to inspire Australians to embrace this new, exciting era.”
The 3-day summit will host a range of internationally recognised speakers, scientists, innovators and thought leaders who will each share their ideas, stories and inventions.
Biomedical Engineer, Dr Jordan Nguyen, will showcase his new technologies at the summit, which includes social robotics for aged care, inclusive mixed reality games, virtual avatar technologies and a range of eye-controlled and brain-wave controlled software for people with disabilities. The 2017 Australian of the Year finalist, is passionate about creating superhuman technology to improve our quality of life.
Exponential thought leader and technology visionary, Anuraj Gambhir will also be featured at the SingularityU Australia Summit. Anuraj’s focus is on exponential technology applications including emerging smart devices/hardware with a strong emphasis on Wearable-tech, IoT, AI, multimedia convergence, 3D Visualization, HNI (Human-Nature Interface and more. Anuraj aspires to develop solutions that make a difference in under-privileged communities around the world by humanising technology – transforming digital divides to massive opportunities.
Another speaker at this life-transforming event is Elena Toufani, CEO of T Labs and futurepreneur. Elena’s talk will delve into longevity research and how nations can utilise exponential technologies to live longer.
These thought-leaders are only a small portion of the extraordinary minds that will be sharing their insights at this one of a kind event. The event will showcase the latest technological advancements and what they mean for Australia and the world. There will be on stage conversations and debates to shape the future of education, sustainability and inclusivity. Round table discussions to ideate solutions to the 12 Global Challenges and an interactive Technology lab for participants to test the latest designs.
The SingularityU Australia Summit will be held in Sydney at the ICC on 22nd - 23rd October. For more information visit