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BHP Steelworks site remediation

BHP remediation
Hunter Development Corporation (HDC) has appointed Hunterbased construction firm Daracon to undertake construction works for the remediation of the 10 hectare Intermodal Area on the former BHP Steelworks site, Mayfield.
Mr MacDonald said the $7.6 million work program was a significant step forward in completing further remediation of the Mayfield port to meet Environment Protection Authority (EPA) requirements and to allow re-use of this strategic site.
HDC General Manager Bob Hawes said the area covered by this contract alone will require over 100,000 tonnes of fill and capping materials.
Mr Hawes said the work was being carried out on behalf of the State under a Voluntary Remediation Agreement with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
“We aim to complete work on the Intermodal Area ahead of the June 2016 target date agreed with the EPA. Given the nature and scale of the work involved, this would be a great achievement,” Mr Hawes said.
The proposed construction contract will involve major civil works, including some demolition, bulk earthworks, importation of fill and capping materials, and associated major drainage works.
The area is part of the new port lease footprint, and the remediation work will fulfil an undertaking made by the State as part of the lease agreement.
The Port of Newcastle had earlier completed demolition of the three remaining buildings on the site.