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2016 Manufacturer of the Year: 12 months on

R R Murphy 2
Rod Murphy, Emma Carr & John Rudland
From our humble beginnings in the Waste and Transport Manufacturing Industries in 2004, R&R Murphy Pty Ltd’s journey to HMA Manufacturer of the Year in 2016 has been one of growth, learning and constant improvement.
Within a couple of years of starting up we built a good reputation in the mining sector, this included a number of blue chip companies, the likes of Orica, Caterpillar, Centennial Coal and Sandvik. In 2011 it became apparent, we were too dependent on the mining sector and that we needed to diversify and look to different markets and industries that we could add value to with our resources and skill set. This was to ensure our longer term sustainability and growth.
Industries we believed we could make a contribution to included defence, architecture, the food industry, vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. In assessing these, to us, new industries, I realised for R&R Murphy to have any chance in these markets we needed to have a clear strategy and some significant internal improvements to be able to compete. Part of the strategy was developing our vision and mapping this out in a five year business plan.
The outcome of the planning exercise highlighted areas and standards required for these industries we wanted to penetrate. This led to the implementation of ISO Triple Accreditation in Safety, Quality and Environment, Lean Methodology 5S, good management systems, up skilling staff members, significant investment in new equipment and upgrades to our facility and I am very proud to say that this was completed in only four years of the five year plan. This enabled R&R Murphy to bring on board new clients in all the industries that we had targeted over the four years while implementing the changes.
In 2016 I had one of the proudest moments in my life, beginning in May when we won a National Manufacturer Award and in October when we were voted HMA Manufacturer of the Year. Looking back over the five year journey, I believe this to be the pinnacle of all the hard work that the marvellous group of people that I am fortunate, and very privileged to lead and work with achieved.
What a difference winning this award has made to R&R Murphy, it has added to our credibility in the manufacturing industry in our region and certainly delivered many new opportunities as a result. It has also energised my team, who share the same passion and vision, to continually improve and we have set the bar even higher for the next five years.
My hope is that our journey might inspire other companies to follow in our footsteps and invest in themselves, for the future of manufacturing and for the next generation in Australia.
On a final note I would like to say what a privilege and honour it has been to be 2016 HMA Manufacturer of the Year, and I would like to congratulate the Varley Group for their great achievement in winning this year’s award.
Rod Murphy
Managing Director
R&R Murphy