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Why is diet and exercise so hard?

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Kylie Harris
Fitness Junction
The most common error in thinking is that there is a wonder drug, a wonder food or a wonder exercise that will change body shape, reduce fat permanently without changing a bunch of habits. It simply isn’t true. In fact, the only thing that works in weight loss and improved fitness is a decent healthy diet of monitored proportions and to move your body to the point of exertion, often and regularly. A lot of people think they “eat healthily” but due to conflicting view points in the media from commercially benefitting experts, confusion is the only outcome. Confused people try a lot of different things, stick to nothing much and get no result.
We’re so busy listening to everybody else, looking for an easy miracle to drop a few kilos and feel more vital. We’ve turned a deaf ear to the one thing we should be listening to. Our own bodies! Think about it. When we over-eat, you would know from experience that your tummy aches, your skin is an off colour for a day or two afterward, it’s difficult to sleep when your body is struggling to digest. We have physical discomfort.
This happens in varying degrees when we are not listening to our bodies and therefore not giving our bodies what they need.
When should you eat and how much? How many meals per day? How long between meals? Should we take supplements? Should we exercise morning or night? Should we run, swim, walk, cycle, do weights, yoga, pilates, aerobics? Eat when you’re hungry, exercise at the time of day when you’re energetic and it fits into your schedule and do whatever you love to do. If you hate the exercise you’ve tried in the past, try something else!
The people we work with have discovered what they love. Some do the same thing day in, day out, week in, week out, year in, year out. Some swim for the season, cycle for a few months, yoga to recover, walk for hours, run fast for short bursts, lift weights for muscle gain or do a lighter weight circuit for cardio and toning combined.
Everyone is different and each individual has a different bunch of preferences. Listen to your body. Start today. Figure yourself out for a stronger, healthier, fitter and longer life. The sooner you start the sooner you’ll feel better, lighter, more energetic and possibly even reach your goals.
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