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Whipper makes Savvy connection

Two of the Hunter’s most trusted names in recruitment have joined forces, the result can only be great news for any organisation looking for great employees.
Gail Whipper and Kate Grob have done just that with Kate and her Savvy Staff team now a vital part of Whipper Recruitment. Even though Gail and Kate had each run their own separate successful recruitment consultancies for many years, they were brought together in classic case of like attracting like.
Both share a genuine passion for their industry and its importance in helping clients to build a strong, resilient business through strong staff selection.
Both put the needs of the client at the very heart of all their dealings and don’t hesitate to go the extra yard to get the best result.
And both believe that what separates an ordinary recruiter from a highly effective one is the ‘care factor’.
That high level of care comes from having personally experienced the challenges of operating a successful business, with all its pleasures and pain. Gail and Kate have been in the trenches and know what it takes to survive and prosper, giving them a unique blend of experience and
empathy that most recruiters simply don’t have.
Its just one reason why so many of their client relationships have developed into long term friendships based on mutual trust and respect.
If that all sounds too good to be true, you probably haven’t experienced recruitment the way it should be – personal, caring and totally professional.
To make your connection with Whipper Recruitment, talk to Gail Whipper, Kate Grob or Angela Clipperton.