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Toyne Business Consultants and Bartercard - the smart way to grow profits

When it comes to keeping your finances in shape, is your accountant stacking up? Newcastle-based Toyne Business Consultants provides tax, accounting and a suite of financial advice to clients a little diferently than most.
They also use Bartercard in their business to improve cash flow, attract new clients and grow their profits.
Toyne’s focus on an all-encompassing business consultancy has been setting them apart from other accountancy firms for more than 15 years. CEO Craig Toyne, who has almost 30 years of experience in accounting and financial services, said he started the business when he saw a gap in the market.
“I spent many years working in large-practice accountancy firms and the feedback from clients was that they weren’t getting everything they needed from their accountant – they wanted more care and more contact,” he said.
“So we not only offer tax and accounting services, but provide business advice and consulting to clients on all levels of their business.”
The Newcastle company encourages clients to meet regularly throughout the year to work on improving their profits, meeting their financial goals and helping them solve any challenges from staffing to ensuring they have the right space and resources.
Craig said he joined Bartercard almost 14 years ago and has been using the cashless network to grow his business and ofset cash across a number of expenses since.
“Bartercard saves me around $100,000 on business costs each year which frees up cash flow and lets me keep more profits in the bank,” he said.
“We use trade dollars instead of cash to cover the cost of essenital services, such as outsourcing auditors to clients’ self-managed super funds (SMSFs), which we provide to both Bartercard and cash paying clients.
“We also use Bartercard across a number of other business expenses including office furnishings, interior fit outs, entertainment, dining, accommodation and advertising.
Back to basics Craig said that in the current economy where many businesses are feeling the pinch, he advises his clients to get back to basics.
“Keeping in touch with customers, chasing up outstanding invoices and having a welltracked budget all make a difference,” he said.
“Around 90 per cent of new clients we see don’t have a budget or a business plan when they come to see us, so part of the service we provide ise ducating the market and showing business owners how to put these in place.”
He also said outsourcing is important.
“Being an expert in your field allows you to ofer a higher level of service to your customers, but you don’t need to be an expert in every aspect of your business – such as accounting, legal and PR all in one. Hire expertise where you are not, so that you can focus on what you truly do best.
“Bartercard is a great tool to do this with, and their network has members across almost every type of industry to outsource without spending cash.”
Bartercard abolishes joining fees
In a drive to boost membership, Bartercard recently announced it has abolished upfront joining fees for the first time in 24 years.
Bartercard Newcastle Manager Rod Burgess said the campaign is targeted at bolstering start-ups.
“We see it across many industries – upfront membership fees can be an obstacle, so we’ve removed them to make it easier for businesses. We are so confident that Bartercard will add value to a business that we are ofering a 100% money back sales guarantee and no lock in contract to remove any perceived risk for business owners who join.”
For more information on how Bartercard can help you reduce your cash expenses, grow your profits and attract new customers call Bartercard Newcastle on 02 4040 9705 or 0458 300 676; or visit our blog at for more business articles.