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Technology Optimisation team formed

Diamond ICT Technology Optimisation team Colour
Cody Barton, Dan Prowse and David Vernon
Diamond ICTs Technology Optimisation (TechOps) team has been developed and refined out of the need to ensure business networks are running smoothly without disruption, through alignment to industry best practice on an on-going basis. This continuous improvement process, architected by TechOps team leader Dan Prowse, breaks away from the traditional model provided by Managed Service Providers today - Maintenance, Monitoring and Support.
Unique to Diamond ICT, this industry first process is designed to continuously enhance businesses IT systems and mitigate against potential risks such as the recent “WannaCry” malware strain.
“Creating the Technology Optimisation team reinforces our commitment to our customers to help them succeed through providing proactive IT services second to none,” said Diamond ICT Founder and Director Robert Buck.
“By ensuring their systems are secure and running smoothly, we provide our customers peace of mind so they are able to focus on other areas of their business such as strategic planning, business productivity and growth,” said Robert.
“Within the IT industry, particularly around security, best practice is constantly changing – new operating systems, new technologies and new threats all impact these standards,” commented Dan.
“Better technology alignment can reduce the impact and risks from growing threats such as Ransomware.”
Small to Medium Businesses generally do not have time to stay on top of emerging technologies and security threats. Dan and his TechOps team proactively review customer’s networks to identify areas of weakness and concern and work closely with them to develop a technology roadmap that will provide guidance for businesses IT and that will gain the most value from their technology investment.
“Exposure to varied technologies and business challenges is one of the benefits of working for an MSP like Diamond ICT, whether aligning infrastructure to best practices, reacting to a new security threat, or supporting a user request, each day is unique” said Dan.
“One of my favourite activities in TechOps is to meet our business customers face to face. Behind all the infrastructure and applications are people who rely on the quality of our services in order to excel in their own roles” he added.
Diamond ICT provides a free online security assessment that allows businesses to gauge how vulnerable their network may be at