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Sustainable workshop solutions

In this hyper regulated environment, it can be difficult to operate a workshop whilst also ensuring you are complying with a myriad of regulations covering workplace safety and the environment, whilst at the same time being an environmentally sustainable workshop.
For businesses that do not have the time or expertise to ensure environmental compliance heavy fines and prosecutions can be the result. This can occur from something as simple as a small oil spill that causes environmental harm by entering a stormwater drain, or causes a workplace injury through creating a slip hazard.
Nearly all business wants to be compliant to all environmental and workplace regulations and operate in a sustainable way, as the concept of the ‘triple bottom line’ is well known, and makes good commercial sense.
However, the problem is that the workshop will need to have dedicated internal resources to ensure they understand their responsibilities, and also the experience and skills ensure they operate in the correct manner.
work for them. The workshop may end up with many different sub-contractors who separately look after things such as spill management, waste management, industrial services, part washing services as well as workplace training.
The issue with this approach is that there is rarely a strategic approach to reach the environmental, safety and sustainability goals of the workshop. Also, having to manage a range of different subcontractors can be time consuming and costly.
Toxfree noticed there was a need for a company to provided workshops with an ‘end to end’ solution, which is why the ‘Sustainable Workshop Solutions’ system’ (SWS) was created.
The Toxfree SWS system will ensure your site is environmentally compliant, your waste is managed professionally and environmentally responsibly, and your people are trained and protected. This is achieved by bringing the following services under one banner;
• Waste Services
• Parts Wash and Hotwash Services
• Spill Management
• Industrial Services
• Workplace Training
The SWS system has been designed to ensure Toxfree do all the work for you, and all you need to do is follow some easy steps to enjoy a better service and an environmentally responsible, safe and compliant workshop.
The Toxfree SWS system includes:
• An initial site audit to identify your needs
• A Sustainable Workshop Solutions management plan specific for your site
• Signed waste stations to make waste segregation easier
• Signed spill management stations
• Training in Spill Management and Chemical and Waste handling
• Workshop posters to educate your team
• Site Reporting (e.g. monthly waste spend, % recycled, etc)
• Quarterly audits to assist you with site environmental compliance
• Free toolbox talks on the system
Toxfree can also offer similar services on a larger scale providing Total Waste Management services locally and nationally.