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Supply Chain Finance facility comes to the Hunter

Fifo Capital Supply Chain Finance is an innovative and complete solution for financing supplier invoices. Fifo connects businesses and their suppliers so they can collaborate, optimising cash flows for suppliers and profit for the business, all in real time.
Zsolt Bircsak of Fifo Capital says “Never has it been more important to realise the potential of your supply chain. With uncertainty and inefficiency in today’s financial solutions, businesses are looking at their supply chains in new ways.
“Financially successful businesses want extended terms or better returns, while companies who need cash want more access at lower rates. The most innovative and collaborative solution may be within your own supply chain.
“When suppliers no longer need to wait for payments, the supply chain becomes robust, leading to greater reliability and certainty of supply. In addition, you can extend your credit terms without impacting your suppliers, and you could generate up to 9.75% per annum return against an off-balance sheet ‘credit fund’, all for zero or minimal cost.
“You can increase your gross margin and extend your credit terms – reduce your cash conversion days and reduce the funds you need as working capital. No borrowings and no security is required, and there are no set-up fees, no monthly subscription fees, nor any other hidden costs.
“Your suppliers will benefit from improved cash flow with norecourse, no-debt cash payments - this facility is fully insured.”
Fifo Capital says it is the first and only business financier to offer this facility in the Hunter region.