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Streamlined tech made easy for mining companies

Adam McDean
BusinessBasics Australia

Paperless processes are a time and money saver for any organisation, but we have found this is especially true in the mining services industry. The mining sector can make significant gains, through small and manageable changes to their processes, choosing the right systems for their business. Smart choices can lead to huge productivity and efficiency gains.
The very nature of the types of businesses associated with mining means there are often a high percentage of staff that are not working in an office environment. In the past, this has meant paper forms for approvals, timesheets and information has been a necessity, as not all staff had access to computers. Smartphones and tablets have changed this and our clients are eager to embrace this change.
A recent example is a mining services client who implemented online timesheets for their workforce (who are predominantly in the field). Their staff are now able to quickly and easily login using their smartphone and enter the hours worked that day, request leave forms, check their sick leave entitlements – everything that used to be done manually and only accessible on paper. The cost to the business to implement was less than $10,000 and through an effective change management process the transition was seamless. In return they have now saved more than eight hours per week of manual data entry, but more than that they have provided a positive cultural change for staff who feel they have better access to information and a more transparent approval process.
Many companies have now shifted to online entry of work site forms - including inspections, toolbox meetings, reviews and audits. Forms can be completed immediately using an app or simple online forms, eliminating manual paper data entry. This change also means the management team have instant access to live dashboards and project management screens to allow them to easily make informed decisions.
Companies can also be provided with their own custom app or even a full app environment so they have full control of the creation and distribution process, and eliminating the need to call an IT department each time something changes.
The most recent Hunter Region Businesses and Digital Technology survey released by the Hunter Research Foundation has shown that individuals are embracing online channels. Now it is up to Hunter businesses to enable their staff to work like they live – using apps and online systems to make life easier!
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AdamMcDean Adam McDean

Is an experienced business founder, auditor and international manager. He is the Managing Director of BusinessBasics Australia and CEO of QMS Certification Services, an internationally recognised third-party certification body specialising in quality, safety, environmental and food safety
management standards. Adam has active roles with Hunter Business Chamber, HunterNet and AACB (Association of Accredited Certification Bodies).