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Stockland Green Hills invests in green energy

Stockland Solar

Stockland Green Hills has given the green light to a number of green energy measures as part of the $414 million redevelopment of Stockland Green Hills.

The East Maitland Shopping Centre has commenced the installation of a $2.8 million rooftop solar project with partner Todae Solar. The project will see Stockland install a 1.863 MW system comprised of 5480 solar panels that will cover a roof area of approximately 27,000 square metres.

The system is expected to generate approximately 2,770,000 kWh of renewable energy per year, enough to power 295 homes[1] and is expected to be switched on at the end of May this year.

Peter Hugh, Stockland Green Hills Project Director, said: “We’re extremely proud to be installing this solar project at Stockland Green Hills which will help create clean, green energy for our retailers, our customers and the community. Solar is an important step for renewable energy in Australia,  playing an important role in the transition to a lower carbon energy future.”

Danin Kahn, Todae Solar’s CEO, said: “This is the second industry-leading installation that Stockland has partnered with Todae Solar on. We are delighted to continue our partnership with a company as ambitious and serious about reducing their carbon footprint as Stockland and look forward to switching on the Stockland Green Hills solar installation.”

The Green Hills installation forms part of Australia’s largest ever retail property solar program. Stockland has committed to a $23.5 million national investment in solar, and is currently installing more than 39,000 Photo-Voltaic (PV) panels, comparable in size to more than 9 rugby fields, across ten retail centres around the country. Combined, the project is expected to produce 17.2 GWh of energy every year, the equivalent to driving an electric car around the world 2,381 times.

Stockland is also investing in electric vehicle charging facilities installing the first EV chargers for Maitland. From 22 March, two Tesla Destination chargers and two Chargepoint charging stations will be located in the car park accessible from the corner of Stronach Avenue and available for customer use for free.                                                       

Peter Hugh continues, “Our customers continue to demonstrate their desire for more innovative in-centre features, tech-integrated amenity and sustainability led initiatives to enhance their everyday shopping experience.”                                                                             

“We know EV vehicles are part of the future and we are excited to be rolling out these convenient Tesla and Chargepoint facilities, allowing shoppers to plug in for free, while they shop, dine or spend time with family and friends.