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Newcastle Airport supports local establishment of east coast submarine base

Nuclear sub

As Newcastle Airport’s expansion draws closer, the organisation has publicly supported the establishment of an east coast naval base in the region to host the nation’s nuclear powered submarine fleet.

Speaking on 17 March, Airport CEO Dr Peter Cock said the establishment of the base in Newcastle would fast track the diversification of the local economy and play to the region’s strengths – including the increased international connectivity soon to be provided by Newcastle Airport.

"The Airport has never shied away from our aspirations for the region," he said. 

“We believe that the establishment of a state-of-the-art submarine base in our region is one of a number of transformational projects that will be enabled by the introduction of an upgraded airport with direct international air routes. Projects such as the base and the airport expansion have the potential to see our city transition into a global powerhouse.

“The region already boasts a highly skilled labour market, with strengths in defence, mining technologies and advanced manufacturing. A fully capable international airport, 30 minutes from the city should be seen as a key attribute during any government assessment process.

“The government has proposed a huge investment of up $10 billion. Whilst many of the initial jobs attached to the construction and establishment of this base would likely be local, ultimately there will be a significant international presence attached to the fleet. An airport with connectivity to major hubs across the globe will be a must.

“We think this is a great example of where the airport can be a catalyst for projects that will drive diversified investment and job creation for our region in both the medium and longer term.

“That’s something Newcastle Airport is very committed to. It is also the driving force behind our continued discussion with both State and Federal Government to support our unfunded airport terminal upgrade.”