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New venture and new role for Quarry Mining Chief

Quarry Mining
Kari Armitage, Managing Director of Quarry Mining, has been appointed Deputy Chair of HunterNet, which is recognised as the pre-eminent regional industry peak body in Australia for leading collaboration and innovation.
In announcing the appointment, Tony Cade, HunterNet’s CEO commented “Kari has been a board member since 2015 and has made a significant contribution, shown great leadership, commitment and collaboration, espousing the values of our member group.”
Kari leads a 43 strong team at Quarry Mining, whose reputation and culture for consistently producing high quality and competitively priced products, combined with engineering innovation, has seen significant growth for the company.
Quarry Mining, with the expertise of their experienced team, creates innovative ways to work closely with customers to develop the right products for any drilling solution.
Quarry’s latest innovation venture is into 3D printing. The new business stream is Thre3DP, which has been set up to cater for a growing demand for a reliable and cost effective range of 3D consumables such as filament.
As Kari says, “3D printing has reached consumer friendly price points, and with new materials and new technologies, making us all rethink technology.
“3D printing has gone mainstream and is here to stay, as we see its role expanding into areas like large construction, airplane components and even shoes!
“It is estimated that by 2025, 15% of everything that is manufactured will be 3D printed. It is a topic much discussed at HunterNet meetings.”