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New business alliance formed to help workplace posture

James and Paul
James Cobb and Paul Wildschut
Recently Dr James Cobb of Total Balance Chiropractic and Paul Wildschut of Experienced Office Furniture joined forces in a business alliance.
The idea came about between these fellow Hunter Business Chamber members as they both have a passion for improving the lives and postural health of people in the workplace.
Research is showing ‘sitting is now the new smoking’ and is having a detrimental effect on those who work predominantly in a sedentary role. This combined with the time spent sitting travelling to and from work and at home sitting on the lounge watching TV or in front of a laptop and mobile phone can have a significant impact on posture as well as overall health and wellbeing.
“While conducting our free ‘Healthy Posture’ Presentations in the workplace for our corporate clients, we realised there was a ground swell of interest in understanding the benefits of ‘Sit/ Stand Workstations’”, said Dr James Cobb.
“Our clients’ feedback from their workers is they feel less tired and more productive just by adjusting their work practices after learning some tips we share in our workshop.
“Those who are using ‘Sit/Stand Workstations’ are experiencing even better results.
“So it made sense for us to approach Paul at Experienced Office Furniture about how we can work together in providing an even better customer service experience for our clients,” said James.
The business alliance held a ‘Sit to Stand’ event at Experienced Office Furniture on 23 May and plan to expand their activities further to help promote better postural health for people in Hunter workplaces.