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Make the most of the $20k tax incentive before it is too late!

Paul Martinovic
Pinpoint I.T Australia
As a small business owner, if your business turns over under $2 million dollars are year, you can claim immediate deductions on business assets that cost less than $20,000, and invest that extra cash in your business.
How does it work?
Businesses or sole traders purchase the items outright and then get the money for the item back as a tax write-off.
What does it mean for you?
Traditionally, small business owners have had access to a small write-off threshold, allowing them to invest a nominal amount in capital and immediately claim it back on tax. The threshold was previously set at $1,000 – now it is 20 TIMES HIGHER!
This rule is in effect until 30 June 2017. This gives businesses the ability to take advantage of a rare opportunity to invest aggressively in their future growth.
What can I purchase?
Any item that relates to your business is eligible. This includes
IT hardware such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers
and scanners.
An eligible small business can also claim an immediate
deduction for the cost of developing software for use
exclusively in its business where the cost is less than $20,000.
An exception applies if the entity has previously chosen to
claim deductions for in-house software under the software
development pool rules.
Can I only claim $20,000?
No, you can claim as many products under $20,000 as you
desire. There is no limit.
What can Pinpoint I.T offer?
Pinpoint I.T can help you take advantage of this tax incentive.
We are able to help you with updating your office equipment
• Laptops
• Desktops
• Monitors
• Printers
• Phone Systems
• Servers
And much more.
For further information contact Pinpoint I.T Australia on (02) 4966 0391, email or visit