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Lighting, solar and backup power specialist for the Hunter

NigelHooper CommercialPower
Commercial Power Solutions Managing Director Nigel Hooper
Commercial Power Solutions has been set up as a specialist in the installation, repair and maintenance of commercial lighting, solar power and back-up power systems for the retail, industrial, commercial, healthcare and hospitality sectors.
A locally owned and operated business, Commercial Power Solutions offers a wide range of services which includes LED lighting upgrades, solar power installations, backup power solutions, energy audits and maintenance. It is also partnered with an Accredited Certificate Provide (ACP) to deliver lighting and power solutions under NSW’s Energy Savings Scheme.
The Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) is an NSW Government initiative designed to help reduce energy use by creating excellent financial incentives for businesses investing in energy-saving measures. These measures involve businesses installing, improving or replacing energy-saving equipment such as lighting and solar panels. To participate in the scheme, however, businesses must use Accredited Certificate Providers to implement the energy saving solutions.
Nigel Hooper, Managing Director, Commercial Power Solutions said “The opportunity is certainly there for businesses to take advantage of the Government’s incentives and we’re already starting to see that.
“People don’t realise the real impact that inefficient lighting can have on a business or even a residential property.
“The older incandescent globes, halogen downlights and fluorescent tubes are still widely prevalent today and that is simply costing people money.
“But by making the switch to LED, businesses can significantly reduce their energy consumption and subsequently reap the rewards in the long-term.
“And given the efficiency and longevity of LED lighting, ongoing maintenance is less frequent and the impact on the environment is also reduced.
“The other huge benefit is the actual improvements in lighting. A well-executed fitout can make a huge difference to not only how a business functions but also how it is perceived by its customers.
“And the great thing for us is the fact that so many businesses can benefit from the Energy Savings Scheme.
“Retailers, health care providers, restaurants, pubs, IT professionals and industrial businesses can all take advantage of the Government’s subsidy.”