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How small businesses can do social like the big companies around the world

Emily Wilson
Rumble Social
Time, resources and funds are often hurdles between marketing success and small businesses. Thanks to the internet and social media more specifically, businesses now have access to resources that weren’t even considered ten or fifteen years ago, making these hurdles look smaller. I like to think that in the realm of social media, businesses can be on the same playing field, no matter their size. To get to this stage, it does mean thinking about marketing from a different perspective and I’ve listed a few ideas to challenge and develop this mindset.
Become acquainted with agile marketing
Social media is real time, in the moment interactions with your community. It is on 24/7 and it moves with trends, platform updates and social attitudes. This fluidity means that approaching social media planning as you would a marketing strategy isn’t a great tactic. Agility will become a familiar concept and having the ability to move with the flow of platforms and respond to shifts will become a necessary behavior to anyone involved.
The digital space gives you the opportunity to be responsive and to do this, planning and measurement is undertaken at more regular intervals.
Customer Experience
Social media is beginning to play a more active role in the customer service space. Customers demand response from businesses and businesses have to step up and take this seriously. Many organizations are implementing automatic response mechanisms via bots to deliver fantastic, personalized service and manage the expectations of customers. Customers crave ease of use, accessibility, convenience and familiarity of platforms. Facebook among other platforms have provided this connection for businesses and customers. Directly linked to customer experience is customer retention. For many businesses, social has been a retention game changer from an experience perspective.
Social Advertising
More traditional forms of advertising often come with high price tags. Social media has the ability to be highly targeted, tested and optimized at the click of a button. When used within the right strategy, it can be very cost effective and accessible to all businesses present on social.
Tip: Focusing on behaviours and interests rather than just demographics tends to deliver more effective campaigns.
Choose the right channels
There is a smorgasbord of social channels available for businesses to use. Many of us are users of Facebook, LinkedIn and the other social channels. We sign up ‘because our friends are on there’ and often businesses use the same train of thought when it comes to social media for business – they get advice off a friend of a friend with a 16 year old daughter who said Snapchat is the new thing. Next thing you know, you have a Snapchat, Instagram and Singly account with nothing to show for it. It’s unproductive to be ineffective across all platforms. I would recommend you be where you need to be, at the right time and consider quality content over quantity.
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Emily Wilson Emily WIlson

Coming from a background in Marketing and Customer Service, Emily WIlson recently founded Rumble Social – a newly established, local firm specializing in hands on Social Media strategy, community management, reporting and consultation for small, local businesses. With experience in an array of industries from Hospitality to Professional services, Emily’s passionate about connecting Businesses with their customers.