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Community input transports future planning for growth beyond the Singleton bypass

Councils Inpsection Officer Mark Brennan and Executive Liaison Officer Paul Smith.

Traffic and transport are coming under the microscope as Singleton Council looks to capture a snapshot of experiences related to roads and public transport across the local government area to inform infrastructure planning for future growth.

Local residents, motorists, businesses, transport operators and community organisations are being asked to help inform the development of the Singleton Traffic and Transportation Strategy, which aims to address road and transportation infrastructure needs for current and planned urban release and growth areas, as well as following completion of the New England Highway Bypass.

Everyone can get involved by dropping a pin on the virtual map on Council’s website to illustrate their experiences related to:

•         Road condition—highlighting where you think the road or associated infrastructure needs attention

•         Public transport—to make a comment about existing public transport, or where you think it is required

•         Road capacity—highlighting any concerns around road congestion.

•         Speed limits—to advise if you think the speed limit should be changed on a section of road

•         Safety—to provide comments on any aspect of safety in relation to a section of road or an intersection

•         Freight—to make comment on freight transport such as trucks using a section of road.

Acting Director Infrastructure and Planning, Aaron Malloy said people could also make a written submission during the engagement period from Thursday 6 June to Sunday 7 July.

“Along with planning for residential growth, a key objective for Council is planning for and providing appropriate infrastructure to cater for the needs of our community now and into the future,” he said.

“Transport plays a major role in our liveability and with a number of development areas identified across our LGA, appropriate transport infrastructure is required to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic around new land release areas, as well as existing residential, commercial and industrial areas.

“There are also major road infrastructure projects that will have a significant impact on Singleton, most notably the Singleton bypass, which will bypass five sets of traffic lights in the town centre and is the largest road infrastructure investment in Singleton’s history.

“We’re also encouraging as much feedback as possible from people who use our transport network on a regular basis to identify issues on our road network and where there might be gaps in public transport services.”

All the information Council receives will feed into the development of the draft Traffic and Transportation Strategy that will be later exhibited for further community feedback.

For more information and to add to the virtual map, visit Singleton Traffic and Transport | Social Pinpoint (