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Collective pitches in to Help Hunter business

Marty Adnum

A collective that was inspired by the team at Newcastle creative agency Out of the Square (OOTS), will provide a suite of free guides to help local business navigate the current Covid-19 crisis.

The initiative is the brainchild of Marty Adnum, Managing Director, Out of the Square under his concept of HelpHunter. An online resource that hopes to deliver practical, accessible guides from vital services to Hunter businesses to help them now and into the future.

The guides are provided free of charge by the following local organisations:

• Skildare – Human Resources

• Out of the Square – Creative & Marketing

• Life Matters - Mental Health & Wellbeing

• Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors – Legal Services

• Purser Corporate Communication – Public Relations and Communication

• Monica Clare – Recruitment

• Lambourne Partners - Business & Wealth Advice.

The initiative is supported by the Hunter Business Chamber and the Newcastle Business Club.

HelpHunter - Business went live on 2 April 2020 with a new website that includes a range of resources and videos from each of the partners, outlining tips that business can access free of charge. Information is designed by each partner to be useful and relevant in these difficult times.

Marty Adnum said that he was not surprised that local businesses, when asked, were quick to assist and be part of the initiative.

“We each recognise that this crisis will challenge everyone and those who are supported now might have a better chance of surviving and thriving once we move into recovery post the crisis,” Marty said.

“No one is getting paid for this work. In fact, each partner has contributed to purchase ‘at cost advertising’ and OOTS has invested a considerable sum well beyond this, in kind, to help assist the businesses in our region”.

“These are incredibly tough times, no one really has all the answers. But that’s ok. Let’s deal with what we know and have a red hot go, in true Novocastrian spirit. If we fail, at least we tried, but I’m for a glass half full, I believe we will succeed by working together” he said.