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Will Proctor

Balance Collective

Stressed. Tired. I need a drink.
These are common responses to the global workplace greeting “how are you today?"
Energised. Ready. Smashing it. These are the words we want to say, the words we should be saying, but how do we make it a reality? For many of us, succeeding at work is about taking control of the things we can change and learning to live with the things we can’t. This is where exercise comes in handy. It is proven that exercise releases endorphins, improves your mood and can assist with productivity, helping you to focus and take control in the workplace. At Balance we have a collection of classes to help busy business people sweat out their stress or bring out their Zen!
Here are a few ideas to help shift your mindset and take control of your working week.
Get rid of office frustration = sweat it out.
At times work can be stressful. It’s a fact of life. However, stress and frustration does not have to control you. Getting sweaty and raising your heart rate at the end of a crazy day can help release office frustration as you literally sweat out the stress. Try a cardio box, functional training or body step class to swap your stress for some fitness and strength.
It’s all getting too much = time to chill
It may seem like the opposite of what you need to do, however getting away from your desk will do wonders for feeling overwhelmed at work. Exercising at lunch will help to focus your mind and assist with productivity through the afternoon. Find your Zen by swinging upside down in a zero gravity yoga class, strengthen your core with a pilates class or try a stretching session with Hatha yoga. Taking time out to relax will help alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed before you reach breaking point.
Arguing with colleagues = cool off
Quite literally! Jump in the pool, beach or baths and cool down.
Within office environments personalities can clash, arguments get heated and words can be exchanged which you might later regret. Before you get to this stage, go for a swim, do some laps and use the time out to clear your head. You’ll find moving away from the problem for half an hour will help you develop a solution. If you’re not a fan of swimming laps, why not try a hydro aqua class – a fun aquatic circuit incorporating Hydrorider aquabikes.
A few small changes to include exercise classes into your working week will help you succeed in the workplace. Now is the time for you to get exercising, change your mindset and enjoy your career!
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Will Proctor Will Proctor
is the Group Health and Fitness Manager for Balance Health Clubs. He has over 18 years experience in business, fitness and health.