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Business brokerage launched with focus on technology

Shane Fox and Ian Jones
Shane Fox and Ian Jones
Two local businessman, Shane Fox and Ian Jones, have joined forces to launch Merchant Business Brokers, a Newcastle-based business brokerage which invests heavily in a highly advanced and innovative technology platform used by major institutions in other sectors, to provide connection between buyers and sellers.
“We build our business one relationship at a time and we work closely with leaders and innovators in business and technology to create better ways of delivering clients with better outcomes,” Ian said.
The Merchant team understand that buyers and sellers want different things - sellers want to maintain confidentiality throughout the selling process and they want to sell their business in a timely manner and for the highest possible price, while buyers want to find their perfect business and not waste their time looking for businesses that aren’t suitable.
Shane Fox said that Merchant wants to ensure that the owners of businesses get more enquiries, so they have implemented a multi-faceted marketing approach including database management, business specific websites, targeted marketing and collaborating with other Brokers from around Australia.
“We’ll only take on a listing if it is the right thing to do – meaning we must believe that we can sell it at a reasonable price and maintain a value proposition for the buyer,” Shane said.
“We are a relationship based business thriving on referrals and word of mouth recommendations. Therefore our mandate is to ensure all parties in the transaction realise that our passion, commitment and sincerity are why deals get done professionally.”