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A Region Ready 2021

Marty Adnum2
Newcastle & Hunter A Region Ready has relaunched for 2021 as an updated showcase of the assets and benefits of the region, free for all to use to help promote their own business and, in turn, the Hunter. First developed by Out of The Square Media in 2019, this self-funded campaign collated positive and significant information, neatly packaged in a way that had not been so freely available before.
This initiative was a resounding success with over 80 local organisations downloading and using it for free, from recruiters to developers, vets to educators, and charities to sporting organisations.
“With the hard fought and well won announcement of the Newcastle Airport runway upgrade we knew it was time to help all local business capitalise on this great news. We created an updated video (and brochure to come) to allow businesses big and small to go to market with a tool that helps them recruit, promote, educate and attract investment,” said Marty Adnum, Founder and Managing Director of Out of the Square.
“These passion projects are a substantial investment for us, and some people can’t get their head around why we just give them away”, said Marty. “Well, on face value it does help our brand, but it goes much, much deeper than that. We just believe that by helping others, we all lift. If this can help our quality of life, children’s futures and community sustainability, then why not just do it – oh and there’s karma also.”   “The Airport announcement is by far the most significant piece of proposed infrastructure development for our region that I am aware of in my lifetime. This will be a game changer for us.
Peter Cock, CEO and the team have been relentless in championing this and deserve overwhelming praise for this achievement. With that said, we can by no means rest on our laurels, we need to go for it. Post-COVID, I believe we still have a long road to recovery and competition will be fierce. So, we need to rally and better explain and showcase our outstanding regional benefits. Our contribution to this is A Region Ready. Which is in keeping with Out of the Square’s own core mission to ‘play a role in Newcastle and Hunter becoming a global success.’”
The 2021 Region Ready free video can be found here
It covers not only our well-known assets of lifestyle and manufacturing, but also the evolving diversification that is under way with new sustainable energy solutions pioneered right here in the Hunter.
Out of the Square is extremely grateful to all the organisations that came forward to contribute and offer the additional footage required to bring this together. To have over 15 key businesses do this in such a short period truly is indicative of the will of so many to act as one to help all business within our region.